Hi Olivia, thanks for sitting down with us today. Can you tell our readers a little bit about who you are and what you do?

Hmm, who am I?

Well, I can say that I am a mum and a trailing spouse in a global nomad family. I used to take a lot of photos, and now I work more on documentary film projects. I am endlessly curious and find everything interesting. I currently live in South East London with my two daughters, my lovely partner, and our enormous dog. Who knows what's next?

The family's dog "Magic"

How important is an active lifestyle to you and what does it look like?

It's critical for me. I wilt (in every sense) without regular exercise and movement. I used to do lots of yoga, and these days I do more social jogging in the local parks. It's such a nice way to experience London; it really immerses you in the seasonal changes the UK has to offer. It's very uplifting. I have also just joined a group of women who wild swim in a nearby pond. Although it sometimes feels absurd trudging down to the pond when it's raining and grey, once I am in, I feel like I am in a Jane Austen novel. The wild grasses and flowers of England are so delicate, and the birds sing so softly here. It's all dainty and gentle.

Wild pond swimming during the UK summer

Who or what do you consider to support this?

All the communities I am part of make the exercise even better with their support and camaraderie.

What is your earliest vacation memory and why?

Oh gosh... maybe when my best friend from primary school took me to Fiji on her family holiday. It was a dramatic beginning; I realized I had forgotten my passport when we were checking in. I remember anxiously waiting to see if my dad would be able to get back in time for me to go. He had been a taxi driver for many years, so he managed to do it in record time.

When we landed, it was lush and generous. I remember the people of Fiji had huge smiles that filled their faces. We were staying in a resort with multiple pools and buffet tables of food. My friend and I would dress up for dinner, and the adults were always sipping cocktails with tiny umbrellas. It felt very grown up.

What is your dream holiday destination? Any recommendations you would like to share?

A few years ago, we had a cracking holiday in Mallorca. We spent a week in the romantic town of Deia with its winding streets and cinematic cove beach. Then, we spent another week further down at the bottom of the island with the most stunning beaches and walks. It was just after the pandemic had lifted in London, so it was very quiet and felt deeply restorative for us all.

Olivia and her children in Mallorca

What are your favourite places to bask in the sun?

I take it where I can over here in London. Whether it's in the corner of the garden or while waiting for a train, if the sun is out, I will find a spot to stand in it. Normally, I position myself so it lands on my back. It feels like an old friend behind me and reminds me of home (Australia). It's lovely on a beach or in a park, but I would not discount a patch of sun through a window while curled up on a couch with a cup of tea (there's the British in me).

How do you approach sun protection, do you have any recommendations?

When I am in properly sunny places, a big hat and oversized button-up shirts are my style.

Family holidays in Puglia

How do you choose styles to be active and out in the sun?

I don't have so much of that problem over here. I often wonder if I will need a jacket or gloves to run in as its always a bit cold over here ;)

What is more important to you, functionality or style.

I don't have much of that problem over here. I often wonder if I will need a jacket or gloves to run in, as it's always a bit cold over here. ;)

What gives you confidence in your daily life?

Actually, exercise is the consistent thing that clears out the cobwebs of doubt.

Also, friendships. I love people, community, ideas, creative projects, collaboration, family, and connection...


Olivia after her first 10k run in the UK

Who are the people in your life that inspire your confidence?  

I'm drawn to ideas and people who explore the complexities of who we are, what's meaningful, and how we can strike a balance between helping others and ourselves. I find inspiration in listening to individuals as they untangle these ideas and share the stories of their personal journeys and discoveries. These conversations are what truly inspire me.

Olivia at work as a documentary film maker in the UK

Any advice you would give your younger self?

"Don't panic!"

That's my partner's catch-cry for me — I should get it as a tattoo.

Slowly, I have learned to panic less.


Olivia and her family on vacation on Phi Phi island

How important is sustainability to you, how do you incorporate it into your life?

It's so important, but I often feel overwhelmed by its enormity. I try to consider what we consume and where things come from. I opt for buying lots of vintage items. However, my kids are starting to rebel against this, so I try not to be too rigid as well.

What is your favourite piece from the Bask line and why?

This gorgeous blue costume, worn in the most glorious Byron Bay, embodies the essence of the Northern Rivers. It's so elegant and versatile, suiting every body shape, I think. Meredith is such a talented designer. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and it feels amazing to wear.

Olivia is wearing the Plunge One Piece