There is someone we would like you to meet!

Join us in getting a glimpse into the life of our BASK muses. Every month we will be talking to the people that inspire our work and values here at BASK. We will chat about topics like confidence, individuality, travel and (of course!) swimwear. 

There is no better person to start this series with than our very own Meredith Barry, designer and founder of BASK Australia.

Hi Meredith, thanks for sitting down with us to chat! BASK is designed for individuals with an active lifestyle. How important is movement in your own daily life? 

Well, my name actually means 'sea protector,' so I suppose I was destined to have a love for the sea right from the beginning. Swimming has always been a significant part of my life, particularly since I grew up near the ocean in QLD. As a child, my day typically commenced with swimming training. Over time, sailing, windsurfing, and surfing also became integral to my lifestyle. I established BASK because I aimed to create active swimwear that complements these activities without compromising on style and sophistication.

BASK Founder Meredith Barry in her natural habitat

When it comes to support, who or what are the key influences in your life?

I owe a huge credit to my parents. They instilled in me a love for ocean activities and allowed me the freedom to spend hours immersed in the water.

Growing up where others typically vacation, what is your earliest vacation memory and why?

During my early years, my family resided in Singapore. My father, an avid sailor and adventurous spirit, introduced me to sailing at a young age. I vividly recall our expeditions to the Malaysian Island of Rawa. Hence, basking in the elements has been a part of me since my earliest memories."

That sounds incredible! So, what's your dream holiday destination these days? Do you have any recommendations to share?

Tasmania is definitely high on my list due to its perfect combination of pristine nature, a paradise for food enthusiasts, and one of the world's best art galleries: Mona. Whenever we visit, we usually fly into Hobart and have an amazing time. A visit to Mona is always a part of our plans. I highly recommend renting a car and exploring the area. There are numerous fantastic places to stay, such as these these hidden gems. Check out their IG on @tasmanian_shacklife.

Meredith on vacation in Tasmania

So, would you say that is your ultimate favourite spot to bask in the sun?

It's hard to choose just one! We're fortunate to have numerous incredible places to bask in Australia. Along the East Coast alone, my Top 5 would be Angourie Back Beach, Broken Head in Byron Bay, Sunshine Beach in Noosa, Wineglass bay in Tasmania, and Wilsons Promontory National Park in Victoria.

Wilson Promotory Photo by Nao Takabayashi on Unsplash

Three letters: SPF. How do you approach sun protection? Do you have any recommendations for our readers? 

In Australia, sun protection is a big deal due to the substantial time we spend under the sun. After swimming, I tend to seek out the shade. Instead of relying heavily on sunscreen, I opt for a broad-brimmed hat, a sun shirt, and sometimes a beach umbrella or cabana for staying cool in the summer heat. For surfing, I prefer our UPF 50+ BASK  Zipper Sun Top paired with bronze zinc cream. Here are some tips for selecting water sports attire: opt for UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50+, as darker colors and thicker fabrics provide better protection, with a UPF 50+ fabric blocking 98 percent of the sun's rays.

 The UPF 50+ BASK Zipper Sun Top

What else do you prioritise when buying activewear? Do you value functionality over style?

I personally favour a minimalist yet stylish design with functionality as a priority. It's essential for me to have a technically designed swimsuit that offers both a beautiful fit and functionality. So, for me, it's a balanced 50/50 split when considering this aspect.

Bikini season can indeed feel daunting for some of us, and BASK designs aim to instill confidence in that experience. How would you describe your own body image? Which parts do you like to show off the most?

Indeed, getting into swimwear can be challenging. For me, the most crucial aspect is embracing the water and relishing life. When I wear something comfortable, it naturally comes with a smile and laughter. That joy and contentment are the parts I most like to showcase.

That sounds like the right approach! What else inspires confidence in you?

Yoga is my go-to for maintaining balance and fostering a sense of confidence. I consider myself fortunate to have exceptional teachers who guide me back to what truly matters. Additionally, my confidence is fuelled by my friends in both life and business. I've always been motivated by the belief that anything is possible, and through hard work, dreams can become reality.


A cliché question we often ponder: What advice would you give your younger self? 

Simply put, I'd say: Have fun, start your own business, invest in a home, travel extensively, and most importantly, prioritise your health and happiness.

Before we conclude: How significant is sustainability to you? How do you integrate it into your life? 

Sustainability holds immense importance for me! When designing, I prioritise extensive research to ensure my choices in fabric and packaging align with sustainability. Technological advancements play a pivotal role in transforming how we manufacture and recycle. I firmly believe in our individual responsibility to make small daily choices, such as using reusable drinking bottles and rejecting single-use plastics. Supporting sustainable fashion by purchasing high-quality garments that are recyclable or biodegradable truly makes a difference.

And last but not least: Which one is your favourite piece from the bask line and why?

I love the Iluka Sunset print. It is named after the coastal town of Iluka, where I have fond memories of spending holidays.

The BASK Fuller Halter Top and Retro Pant in the Iluka Sunset design