Meet our January muse! The the twenty-four-year-old Elise Trigger was born and raised on the coastal shores of Bundjalung Country, also known as Byron Bay, Australia.

Thanks for sitting down with us Elise! Can you tell our readers a little bit about you? 

Hello, my name is Elise Trigger. I spend most of my time in the water, surfing, as well as nurturing young kids through my work as a nanny. I have a strong passion for the ocean and feel responsible to advocate for its protection so that the next generations can enjoy this sacred space as much as I do.


How important is an active lifestyle to you, and what does it look like?

An active lifestyle is really important to me, both mentally and physically. When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with autoimmune type 1 diabetes and I've found that this condition thrives on routine and exercise, often contributing to more stable blood sugar levels. Particularly, surfing is essential for my mental health. Being in the ocean every day grounds me and sometimes serves as a therapeutic outlet. It's the place that has consistently been there for me through every emotion, and I'm immensely grateful for that.

Elise is wearing the Halter Top and the High Pant in the Eden Green design

What is your earliest vacation memory and why?

My earliest vacation memory is of travelling to Fiji. I remember playing with the local kids on the beach. Even though we didn't speak the same language, we always found a way to understand each other. We were constantly running around and having fun, creating a connection that transcended language barriers.

What is your dream holiday destination? Any recommendations you would like to share?

I'd love to embark on a surf trip to the Caribbean. However, the older I get, the more I'm learning that the trip becomes less about the place and more about the company, as well as being immersed in the local people and culture. The connections and experiences with others often shape the most memorable and fulfilling aspects of a trip..

What are your favourite places to bask in the sun?

I love soaking up the sun in an empty point break lineup, riding my glider or longboard.

Elise is wearing a prototype of the new Wategos Sunsuit

How do you approach sun protection, do you have any recommendations?

Yes, I take sun protection very seriously. I avoid surfing in the hottest parts of the day during peak seasons. Additionally, I use swimwear that provides good coverage and opt for natural zincs. Currently, my favourite is Avasol. These measures help to ensure adequate protection from the sun's harmful rays.

How do you choose styles for being active and out in the sun?

Typically, I base my clothing decisions on the temperature of the location and the mood I'm feeling at that moment. This allows me to stay comfortable while being active and enjoying the outdoors.

What is more important to you: functionality or style?

Personally, I believe that both functionality and style can impact performance, especially depending on the weather and wave conditions. However, most of the time, I prioritise functionality to ensure that my gear supports optimal performance in various conditions.

How would you describe your own body image, and which parts do you like to show off the most?

I try not to judge my body solely based on its appearance but rather on how it feels. For me, being healthy is synonymous with feeling strong within oneself. When you feel good inside, your entire body radiates positivity.

What gives you confidence in your daily life?

Being outdoors and feeling a part of nature, connected to it rather than separated from it, gives me confidence in my daily life.

Who are the people in your life that inspire your confidence?

Lauren Hill has been a big inspiration to me in recent years, along with Belinda Baggs. Also, my mom—hehe—has played a significant role in inspiring my confidence.

Any advice you would give your younger self?

Enjoy the journey! Always remember that nothing is final, and life is a continuous process of growth and learning.

How important is sustainability to you, and how do you incorporate it into your life?

Sustainability is incredibly important to me. The Earth provides me with everything, and that's why I strive to respect this beautiful place that brings me so much joy.

What is your favourite piece from the Bask line and why?

My favourite piece is the Aline one piece. I've been loving the single shoulder shapes and how they accentuate women's femininity.


The Aline One Piece
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